Download DSSSB Staff Nurse 2015 Previous Year Paper

Staff Nurse Exam in 2015 was conducted by DSSSB. Previous papers are important for future DSSSB staff nurse and nursing officer exams practice. So we are providing DSSSB Staff nurse 2015 paper here.

Lets see some unsolved questions from DSSSB Staff nurse 2015 paper. In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete DSSSB staff nurse question paper 2015 PDF.


The Vitamin that helps in blood clotting is

(A) Vitamin C (B) Vitamin D (C) Vitamin E (D) Vitamin K


AIDS is caused by a

(A) Bacteria (B) Protozoa (C) Helminth (D) Virus


Where is Humayun’s Tomb located ?

(A) Delhi (B) Agra (C) Hyderabad (D) Aurangabad


The most common cause of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in community is

(A) E.coli (B) Klebsiella (C) Citrobacter (D) Proteus Vulgaris


Hookworm penetrates into the body by penetrating the skin of

(A) Hand (B) Foot (C) Ear (D) Head


The pH of blood is

(A) 6.4 (B) 7.4 (C) 7.8 (D) 6.8


Any disturbance that blocks the transmission of nerve impulse from SA node downwards is known as

(A) Heart block (B) Heart attack (C) Nerve block (D) Cardiac arrhythmia


Gradual disappearance of conditioned response to stimuli is referred as

(A) Negative conditioning (B) Extinction (C) Delayed conditioning (D) Elimination


Blood and debris discharge from the uterus after delivery is termed as

(A) Septic shock (B) Lochia (C) Pyuria (D) Haematuria


Life span of RBC’s is

(A) 120 days (B) 80 days (C) 200 days (D) 60 days


Premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall before delivery is

(A) Abruptio Placente (B) Placenta Previa (C) Fetal Distress (D) Cord Prolapse


The system of storing and transporting vaccines is termed as

(A) Cold Chain (B) Freezer Chain (C) Cool Chain (D) Vaccination


The average Hb content of human blood is

(A) 18-23 g/dl (B) 14-16 g/di (C) 8-10 g/di (D) 16-20 g/dl


Differentiate the essential amino acid in the following

(A) Proline (B) Tyrosine (C) Glycine (D) Valine


The effect of Anti Diuretic Harmone(ADH) is

(A) Oliguria (B) Anuria (C) Increased urine output ) (D) Decreased urine output


An intentional touching of the patients body without consent is termed as

(A) Negligence (B) Assault (C) Battery (D) Malpractice


The abnormal dilatation of the wall of an artery is referred as

(A) Aneurysm (B) Hernia (C) Atherosclerosis (D) Phlebitis


The fasting blood sugar value is

(A) 70-110 mg% (B) 50-90 mg% (C) 120-180 mg% (D) 180-200 mg%


Synthesis of glucose from non-carbohydrate source is referred as

(A) Glycolysis (B) Gluconeogenesis (C) Glycogenolysis (D) Glycogenesis


The voltage needed to produce seizures while giving ECT is

(A) 180 to 220 volts (B) 40 to 70 volts (C) 150 to 180 volts (D) 20 to 150 volts


Temporary discharge of the patient from the psychiatric hospital is referred as

(A) Parole (B) Abscond (C) Termination (D) Escape


The recording of conversation between the nurse and patient in a psychiatric set up is termed as

(A) Therapeutic Communication (B) Interview Technique (C) Process Recording (D) Case Study


The transmission of infection from the mother to the foetus through placenta is termed as

(A) Latrogenic (B) Teratogenic (C) Nosocomia (D) Fomites


The largest artery of human body is

(A) Aorta (B) Carotid Artery (C) Subclavian Artery (D) Pulmonary Artery


Serene is an example of

(A) Antipsychotic (B) Antidepressant (C) Mood Stabilizer (D) Anxiolytic


The drug which is used to create aversion in Alcohol Dependence

(A) Apomorphine (B) Propanolol (C) Diazepam (D) Disulphiram


BMI greater than 10 is considered as

(A) Overweight (B) Bulimia (C) Obese (D) Stout


The immunoglobulin found in mother’s breast milk is

(A) IgA (B) IgM (C) IgD (D) IgE


The anterior transparent part of the eye is

(A) Pupil (B) Conjunctiva (C) Cornial (D) Sclera

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DSSSB STAFF Nurse 2015 paper: Download DSSSB Staff Nurse question paper 2015 for practice  


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