DSSSB Staff Nurse 2013 Previous Year Paper

Staff Nurse Exam in 2013 was conducted by DSSSB. Previous papers are important for future DSSSB staff nurse and nursing officer exams practice. So we are providing DSSSB Staff nurse 2013 paper here. Before we provide you the pdf with answer key, first lets see some unsolved questions from DSSSB Staff nurse 2013 paper.

In the end of  the post we will provide you links to download complete DSSSB staff nurse question paper 2013 pdf.

Which of the following is used as an antidote for organophosphorous poisoning?

(A) Atropine

B) Adrenaline 

(C) Avil

(D) Amniodorone

Which among the following is an Indication of portal hypertension ?

(A) Asterixls

(8) Hematemesis

(C) Elevated blood pressure

(D) Contusion

Fractures of the distal radius is called 

(A) Hume fracture 

(B) Monteggia fracture

(C) Galeazzi fracture

(D) Collesfracture

A patient’s GABS Is 40 mg%. The Immediate management is to administer

(A) 5% dextrose 

(B) 50% dextrose

(C) 10 units Human Actrapld Insulin

(D) Normal saline 

Buck’s extension traction is 

(A) Applied as cervical head halter 

(B) Skin traction to the lower leg

(C) Skeletal traction to the lower leg 

(D) Tongs applied to the head

The causative organism for peptic ulcer is 

(A) Helicobacter pylori

(B) Staphylococci

(C) Eschericla coli

(D) Streptococcit

Color coding for Nitrous oxide cylindoris 

(A) Black 

(B) Black with white shoulders

(C) Light blue

(D) Gray 

Mania is a 

(A) Anxiely related disorder

(B) Dissociative disorder

(C) Mood disorder 

(D) Thought disorder

False sensory perceptions with no basis in reality is known as 

(A) Hallucinations 

(B) Delusions 

(C) Loose associations 

D) Neologisms 

Sensitivity and reaction is tested by administering the drug

(A) Intradermally

(B) Intramuscularly

(C). Intravonously

(D) Subcutaneously

Which of the following is used for assessing the pain in children ?

(A) Brief pain inventory

(B) Numerical rating scale

(C) Visual analogue scale

(D) WongBaker faces pain rating

 Medications used for nausea and vomiting is known as

(A) Analgesics

(B) Antipyretics

(C) Antiemetics

(D) Antibiotics

Removal of an entire lung is called as 

(A) Loboctomy

(B) Pneumonectomy

(C) Segmental resection

(D) Wedge resection

While performing tracheostomy Suctioning, suction time should not be more than

(A) 10 seconds

(B) 20 seconds 

(C) 30 seconds

(D) 45 seconds

Parkinson’s disease is caused by

(A) Hereditary factors

(B) Death of brain cells due to old age 

(C) Impairment of dopamine producing cells in the brain

(D) Demyelination of the nerve cells

Download DSSSB Staff nurse 2013 paper pdf from Links Below

The link below provide the complete papers with 200 questions

DSSB STAFF Nurse 2013 paper: Download DSSSB Staff Nurse question paper 2013 for practice  

Answer key will be provided soon.

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