Staff Nurse Job Profile And Responsibilities

Staff Nurses are a very important part of healthcare system. Staff Nurse is also known as nursing officer or sister grade 2, This is very noble profession of serving the ill.  Staff Nurses are appointed after completion of degree in nursing and registration in nursing council.

Job responsibilities of Registered Staff Nurse include patient care in wards, patient care in specialized units, and ward management. Assisting the senior nursing professionals, doctors and surgeons in ward and specialized units. They are responsible for maintaining ward hygiene and also training of student nurses. Role of Staff nurse in detail is discussed below.

Direct Patient care

Work of staff nurse starts with the admission of  patient. They maintain the personal hygiene of patient and assist patient  physically whenever needed. staff nurse makes the diet plan and feed the week patient.  Their indirect touch with the patient counselling is very valuable for the patient and relatives.

Staff nurses are responsible for proper administration of medicine,  infusions and injections as per the instructions. Staff nurse absorb and record the vital signs light blood pressure  and TPR. They are responsible for Doing dressing, irrigation, suction, gastric gavage and lavage etc. Staff nurses collect and respect the  specimen. they provide assistance in clinical tests and surgical procedures, including recording and reporting.


Role In Ward management

Staff nurses are responsible for the admission and discharge of the patient in the ward.  They are responsible for maintaining the ward clean and hygienic. They prepare and maintain the the dressing trolley cupboard and other Apparatus in the ward. Responsible for Preparation and maintenance of surgical supplies.


Job Profile In Specialized Units

Staff nurses have role in specialized units such as ICU, Labor Room, and Operation Theatre (OT).

In ICU Staff nurse check Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous Oxide etc. for proper use.They check response monitor, ventilator, and other life saving equipments for proper working condition.

They assist the Surgeon, Anaesthetic and OT sister in operation theatre. Staff Nurse monitor the condition and take care of patient during operation, and post operatively in recovery room.

In labor room they keep ready emergency drugs, fluids, equipments, and other necessary gadgets. It is staff nurse duty to assist the doctors in any procedure the labour room. Staff nurse conduct normal delivery and provide care to the newborn.

Staff Nurse and Community Health

Now staff nurses are being recruited as primary health care provider also. Specially in rural areas after proper training or bridge course in community health. They are recruited as community health officers in national health Mission program. Thus they are first contact person and health educator for rural public in such settings.

Role In Educational Activities

Staff nurses are involved in in educational activities also.  they provide orientation to new students. provide demonstration and guide the  nursing students. Staff Nurse provide in hand training to the student Nurse. staff nurses are  involved in health education activities. Staff nurse participate in any in – service education program.

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